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Please check these websites: Bergisch Gladbach and Das Bergische
2Age Group categories
The age group categories are classified according to DLO (German regulation of athletic sports) and the results will be drawn up on this basis.
The relevant authorities have given their approval.
Both the KVB tram line #1 and the bus station are just a few hundred meters from the start. Please use these options for getting there. There are parking facilities for commuters along the line, for example in Cologne-Brück! We urge you to use public transport or at least form car-sharing networks – in keeping with our environmentally friendly concept ‘RUN GREEN’. You can download travel information from our website - see the ‘Infos’ tab.
The ASB Bergisch Land is our partner for the medical service with a variety of logistical support. The ASB developed a sophisticated first aid concept especially for the Königsforst-Marathon. Website ASB


1Baby Joggers / Strollers
Participation with a baby jogger is not allowed and due to the DLV’s (the German Athletic Sports Association) Regulations, the participant can be expelled from the event.
2Bag Storage / Bag Drop-off
Two class rooms in the school building are available for the storage of your bags. Please take care not to leave any valuables in your luggage as no liability is accepted. Please pick up your bags by 5 pm at the latest. Items that have not been picked up after this time will be given away to charity.
Participants will be supplied with isotonic beverages (Dextro Energy) and water at the refreshment stands. Cola will be also supplied for the marathon runners in the second round at the refreshment stands 1-4 (see route plan) as well as at the Finish.
4Bow legs
are not a reason for not running at the Königsforst-Marathon.
All female and male winners will win a pair of running shoes – sponsored by Brooks. The fastest runners (f/m) of the 10km, 21,1km and 42,2km events will be presented with an empty shoe box during the award ceremony. The winners can then choose and order the Brooks model and shoe size of their choice from our Köfo-partner Intersport Haeger in Bensberg. Our thanks go to Brooks for supporting us.
Like 2017, a shuttle-service will be available in 2018 from the parking area of the Knauber-Baumarkt near to the A4-motorway exit Moitzfeld: 9.00 h – 10.30 h and 13.00 h – 17.00 h.


1Catering (in the school)
A wide-ranging buffet will be offered in the school by the TVR running team. We especially recommend our wholesome cakes baked by ‘Bio-Mühlenbäcker Andreas Scherbath’ from Bergisch Gladbach. Website Mühlenbäcker Scherbarth
2Catering (on the course / finish area)
Four Dextro-Points (serving both Dextro-Energy drink and water) are in the forest and at the Dextro Energy Station in the Finish area. Half marathon and full marathon finishers will also be offered energy bars, dried fruit and nuts as well as a hot soup provided by the ASB. Marathon-runners will also be offered energy bars on the course. We also offer coke for marathon runners on the second lap.
You can print your race certificate from the results list on Königsforst Marathon
4Champion Chip
The Champion Chip will be used for timekeeping. No timekeeping without a chip! Net times for all the runs at the Königsforst Marathon will be calculated. Runners who don’t possess their own chip will receive a yellow (advance registrations only) or white (late registrations only) rental chip which will be collected at the Finish. For runners with advance registration the rental fee of €5 will be added to the entry fee. Runners who register late will also pay this amount when registering on-site. There is no need to pay a deposit. The Champion Chip must be attached to your shoe or ankle. If you have a Champion Chip, make sure to enter your chip number when doing your online registration.
Each participant is responsible for the accuracy of their data. Please email all changes of the Chip-Number as soon as possible to TVR running team Changes of personal data are only possible on site in the registration office by filling in the yellow correction form.
6Change of registration
You can change your race entry at our registration desk (in the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium School) on Saturday between 12 and 6 pm and on Sunday from 8:30 am until 20 minutes before the start of your race. Entries can be transferred to another participant for the flat fee of €10. Unfortunately, reimbursements of overpaid entry fees are not possible. Should your change of race entry be higher than the original entry, the difference can be paid in cash.
7Changing rooms
See showers
Our partner is the ‘Bergische Greifvogelhilfe’ (Bird of Prey Charity), located at the Königsforst in Rösrath. The logo for the finisher shirt and for the medal for the 44. Königsforst-Marathon on March 18th has a kestrel this year. This is not a coincidence…the TV Refrath Running Team, as organizer, supports this good cause - a rescue center for injured birds of prey and owls. We will donate 50 cents for each registered runner to Dirk Sindhu for his voluntary work on injured birds of prey. He is delighted to receive any support for animal feed and medical care for the mostly very rare birds from all over Europe. You can also give a donation for the ‘Bergische Greifvogelstation’ (Bird of prey Sanctuary) in Rösrath for the rescue of birds of prey on race day.
9Chip Return
The rented chips will be collected at the Finish by the volunteers. You can also hand in the chip at the registration area in the school Hall until 17:00. All white chips (late registrations only) must be returned. If you have a yellow rented chip (advance registrations only) and you don’t return it, it will be assumed that you are buying it and you will be charged the purchase price of €25 which will be deducted from your bank account.
We will have an experienced professional commentator on site - Andreas Menz from Essen Website Menz who will be working under Jochen Baumhof from TV Refrath Running Team, the head of the organization committee.
11Course Markings
The course will be marked with sawdust. At crossings and exposed places signs will be positioned. Cyclists, course stewards and ASB staff will guide runners along the course.
12Cut off Times / Time Limits

The time limit (or cut off time) for marathon runners is 5 hours and 45 minutes. The official cut off time is strictly at 17:00. This is a due to restriction of our authorities!

Here is the official cut off times for each race:
5 km0:45 hours
10 km1:15 hours
21.1 km3:00 hours
42.2 km5:45 hours
No un-official cyclists will be permitted on the course in accordance with the DLV-guidelines. The DLV-referee is authorized to suspend any runners from prizes/awards if they are issued with a caution. Cyclists from ‘Staubwolke Refrath’ shall guide the leading runners along the course, as well as guiding the final runners back to the finish. Website Staubwolke Refrath


1Data collection and data management
The personal data provided by the participant during registration is stored and only used to carry out the event. By completing the registration process, a participant accepts the storage and distribution of their data for timekeeping, ranking and results. The participant hereby agrees, that the photos, videos and interviews recorded in conjunction with their participation in the event may be published without any entitlement to compensation. Moreover, the participant agrees with the forwarding of their personal data for the purposes of the sending of photos taken of them on the course and at the finish line, will be provided by a company commissioned by the organizer. However, the participant does not expressly agree to the purchase of such photos. Moreover, the participant agrees that personal data may be restored by the organizer for the purposes of sending a newsletter.
2Declaration of liability
Should the organizer be forced or obliged to make changes in how the event is carried out or in case of cancellation due to circumstances of force majeure, official requirements or security reasons, the participant will not be entitled to any compensation or losses from the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the race in case of heavy storms/thunderstorms or other unforeseeable reasons. For these cases entry fees will not be refunded and the participant waives any recourse. In case of non-participation, entry fees will not be refunded. By completing the registration process the participant accepts the conditions of the DLV German Athletic Federation as well as the organizer’s terms and conditions in accordance with the invitation to tender. Participation is at the runners own responsibility and own risk. The organizer shall only bear unlimited liability within the framework of the statutory provisions and shall not assume any liability in case of accident, theft or other damages. The organizer as well as his legal guardians and assistants/subcontractors shall only be liable in case of deliberate and grossly negligent behavior. The organizer shall not be liable for health risks of the participant regarding the participation in the race. The organizer shall not be liable for the free deposit of any items.
There is no right to a reimbursement of the entry fee. Bank charges arising from registration will not be reimbursed to the participant.
is our partner for runner’s catering both on the course and at the Finish. Website Dextro-Energy
Participation with a dog is not permitted and may, according to the regulations of the DLV (German Athletic Federation) lead to exclusion of the event.


1Entry Fees

Take advantage of our attractive early booking prices:

Raceuntil 30/11until 31/01until 11/0317 & 18/03
1 km€6€7
5 km€10€11€12€15
10 km€12€13€14€17
21.1 km*€24€26€28€31
42.2 km*€32€34€36€39

*including finisher medal

2Event Brochure
An informative event brochure is available again this year which you can also download on our website by clicking ‘Ausschreibung’. It will be available a few weeks before the Königsforst-Marathon.


We aim to continue to improve our Königsforst-Marathon. We are grateful for any suggestions and criticism – and we are of course, open to getting any recognition and appreciation too!
3Food and beverages
There will be a variety of food available in our buffet – such as cake, waffles, sausages as well as warm and cold beverages in the hall. If the weather is fine, the ‘Krombacher Brauerei’ will be on site with a promotion stand with free ‘Krombacher o,0%’ available as Pils and Wheat beer.
4Frieda will be at the Start too ……but isn’t running
On race day of the 44th Königsforst-Marathon you can admire a tame adult eagle owl at the information desk on the school’s grounds of the ‘Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium’ in Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg as well as the kestrel named Frieda. This will surely be a highlight, not only for pupils. More information and contact data can be found on the website Bergische Greifvogelhilfe
5(Erima) Functional Finisher-Shirt

This year you can order the high-quality Erima-shirt when registering online at a price of €17, available in all women’s and men’s sizes. The new kestrel-logo will be printed on your shirt. Pick-up place: AMG school on Saturday or Sunday. We will also print some additional shirts for those who decide to purchase last minute (while stocks last). The remaining shirts from previous years (with the red kite logo from 2016, or the eagle owl from 2017) can be bought on site for €10.

Köfo-M T-Shirt 2018


Information: Please don’t litter your gels or other packaging in the forest - please dispose of them in one of the rubbish bins provided at the food or drink stations, or at home. Nature says, ‘Thank you’!


There will be no hunters along the running path…only the forest and some personal best times!


1Information for local residents
Residents will be informed with an information sheet and in the local print media.


The Königsforst is the largest contiguous forest of the Lower Middle Terrace of the right bank of the Rhine. The highest elevation is the Tütberg which is 212m above sea level. The big circuit runs along the border of Cologne via ‘Wolfsweg’ starting at the water trample basin. You will climb to the highest point of Cologne: the Monte Troodelöh which is 118m above sea level, without even noticing it! The forest area (which covers an area of 30 square kilometers), lies next to the city districts of Cologne, Bergisch Gladbach and Rösrath.
The Krombacher Brewery which has its head office in Kreuztal, is our partner for non-alcoholic beer and shandy beers (beer mixed with lemonade). In favorable weather conditions, Krombacher will offer ‘Krombacher o0%’ for free at the Finish. Note that environmental protection and biodiversity is a top priority for our partner. Website Krombacher


Our target is to reduce waste material to a minimum – see litter and ‘Run Green’. Please help us to get the TÜV quality seal ‘the green footprint’ for a carbon dioxide neutral running event!
Please keep the course clean and litter free!
We ask all runners in the Königsforst Nature Reserve not to litter (according to the EG-directives ‘Fauna-Flora-Habitat’) and to make sure you throw your Dextro paper cups and your drinks and food packaging into the rubbish bins provided or to take it back home. Please don’t throw your rubbish on the course or in the forest – abide by the public authority regulations! Be environmentally friendly to match our concept ‘RUN GREEN’. Thank you very much for this in advance.
3Lost items
will be kept for a maximum of two weeks. After that date, the clothes will be donated. For inquiries please contact us using our online contact form.


This year we will also offer a massage service for you in a classroom in the AMG school. Thorsten Walter and his PhysioAthletics-Team will be waiting for lots of tired legs!

In the past, we had different finisher medals with motives of the native landscape. We have been awarding very attractive medals since 2016 - last year it was the Eagle Owl medal, the year before the Red Kite medal was the highlight. In 2018, it will be Frieda, a tame Kestrel. The new Köfo-medals are now popular collector items. The medals will be distributed to the half-marathon and marathon finishers at the Finish, but not to the runners of 5 and 10 km.

Picture Medal
3Medal engraving
Bernd Korting of ‘my Laserdesign’ will engrave your name and your target time on the reverse side of your medal in the school on your request. You can also reserve this service when registering online for the price of €8.
4Media / Press
Our media partners are Bergisches Handelsblatt' and the following online services: Laufen in Köln, Laufmonster, Laufen im Rheinland, Marathon4U and Laufreport.


1Net Times
are measured with a time keeping transponder when running over the start mat. Gross times are used for the result lists and award ceremonies. Net times are important for sports club runners as they count for the top runners list (single and team classification). For all other finishers net times are just for information purposes in accordance with the DLV-guidelines.
E-mail addresses will not be passed on to any third party and shall be used only to keep you updated with our news.
All entry fees are non-refundable in the case of non-participation.


1Online Registration
can be done on this website: Registration until Sunday, 11th March. Registration can also be done on site on Saturday, 17th March from 12:00 to 18:00 and on Sunday 18th March up to 20 min before the start of your race.


1Parking / Parking area
We have prepared a parking area map which can be downloaded as a pdf file on this website. If possible, please use the excellent public transport service of ÖPNV. The KVB train line number 1 as well as Bensberg bus station are close to the start. Deutsche Bahn (Timetable)
2Participant Liability
With my registration, I declare my agreement to the organization guidelines as well as my readiness to follow all stewards’ instructions. The state of my training and health condition conforms to the requirements of the running races. I assure not to claim any legal standards and demands towards the organizer as well as towards his assistants or authorized representatives or concerned communities and other persons or corporations as far as there are no rights of liability insurance. We are not going to deduct the entry fee if your registration can not be accepted. Certified herewith I agree to the match regulations of the announcement and the liability exclusion.
3Photo service
Photo Team Müller has been taking professional photos at the Königsforst Marathon since 1989…and again in 2018! You can find the photos on Foto Team Müller a few days after the race.
Top quality prizes will be presented to the first three (in the Half Marathon) and top six finishers (in the Marathon) of the overall standings (first male and female runners to cross the finish line) as well as for the Age Group winners of all age classes in both the half-marathon and marathon. All awards will be presented personally to the winners and will not be dispatched.
5Prize giving / Awards Ceremony
Our awards ceremony will take place on the podium in the prize giving hall shortly after each respective race.
6Prize giving / Awards Ceremony Timetable
11:301 kmSchool Children's race - 1st Place - Age Group categories
11:4010 kmTop 6 finishers - male and female runners
12:005 kmTop 3 finishers - male and female runners
13:0021 kmTop 6 finishers - male and female runners and Age Group winners*
from 15.0042 kmTop 6 finishers - male and female runners and Age Group winners*

*All Age Group winners can collect their trophies and awards at a separate stand in the prize giving hall.

7Price money
Neither trophy money nor entry fee refund shall be awarded.


Advance registrations must be done online via the registration portal on our website, except for Bensberg Schools. Late registrations can be done on Saturday, 17th March from 12:00 to 18:00 and on Sunday 18th March from 8:00 onwards in the school, up to 20 minutes before the start of your race.
2Registration Deadline
Online registration closes on Sunday, 11th March. After that, late registration on site is possible on Saturday, 17th March and Sunday, 18th March.
3Registration Office
See Registration and start documents.
The results will be available on this website LIVE during the event under => results 2018 Results of the previous years and details of the former winners are also available on the website.
5Running course
All the running courses will have no traffic and will mostly be on firm forest tracks with some parts on asphalt (such as the street leading from the start to the forest border (780 m) or the ‘Rennweg’ in the heart of the Königsforst). The hilly asphalted footpath and cycling track along the road towards Forsbach is 2.3km long. Please do not run on the road, only on the footpath! The rest of the running course will lead you along wide paths through the forest – which, by the way have been used since 1973!


Start timesRaceAge Groups
09:3010 km2004 and older
09:401 km male school children2003 and younger
09:501 km female school children2003 and younger
11:0021.1 km Half Marathon2002 and older
11:0042.2 km Königsforst-Marathon2000 and older
11:155 km2006 and older
2Shower / Changing rooms
Showers and changing rooms are available in the ‘Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium (AMG)’ school which is located at the start and finish area.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our kind sponsors and partners in this event.
4Start Numbers
Please do not fold your start number. It should be attached to the front of your running shirt. Start numbers can be collected on Saturday, 17th March from noon to 6pm in the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium School, Kaule 3-15, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg and on Sunday from 8:30am.
5Start Pass
It is not necessary to have a DLV start pass except for the valuation of the district champion chip. Members of an associated sports club who own a valid start pass can be added to the official top runners´ lists on District-, Federal State- or DLV level.
6Start Times
see schedule
Please follow the TV Refrath stewards and ASB staff instructions always. We are constantly looking for course stewards on the forest running course so if you have time and would like to join us please send a short email to: TV Refrath running team
8Street Closures
Some streets around the Albertus-Gymnasium School will be partly or completely closed in accordance with agreements of the Bergisch Gladbach city council. Please follow our stewards’ instructions. Parking fines shall be issued in case of parking violations.


1Team classification
For the 10 km, half marathon and marathon, three runners (male and female) will be scored officially for the team classification. However, a prerequisite is that the spelling of the club, company name or name of the team is to be 100% the same. Teams will not be awarded prizes. There will, however, be results produced for the top runners’ lists.
2Time Limits
see Cut off Times
see schedule
In addition to the toilets in the school there will also be toilets available close to the start and finish area.
5TV Refrath
2014 was the year when the organization of the Königsforst-Marathon was handed over to the TV Refrath running team, having been organized by Manfred Blasberg for 35 years. The TV Refrath running team is under the leadership of Division Manager and running coach, Jochen Baumhof and consists of 80 active runners. More info on the TVR website: TV Refrath running team und TV Refrath


You can find up to date information on: Königsforst Marathon


1Yes I did it ...
What a marathon finisher says at the Finish line.
Note: The A-Z list is constantly being updated and corrected if necessary

Please only mail the organization team if the answers to your questions cannot be found in this comprehensive list. If you find mistakes or would like to suggest changes we would pleased if you could email us at: Info Königsforst Marathon. Thank you very much in advance!